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Doug Fanning

DYAD studio’s brave, contemporary designs each represent a unique piece of beauty and function. Established in 1994 by designer Douglas Fanning, DYAD has evolved into a dynamic, multi-disciplined collaboration, which harnesses seamless creative dialogue between intellectual exploration and the organic realization of ideas, through making and doing. DYAD’s timeless furnishings and interiors share a deep respect for proportion and scale, structure and detail. To own a DYAD design is to join a triumph in creating fearless architecturally inspired art forms, built with the greatest care and the highest quality.

Doug Fanning
Douglas Fanning graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture and has worked at several high profile architecture firms in New York City. He has taught for fifteen years at schools such as Rhode Island School of Design, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of the Arts and Parsons School of Design. He is an architect with a penchant for unusual projects as well as an accomplished furniture and lighting designer.
Douglas’ journey has been a series of personal desires and roads less traveled. His studio DYAD is his architectural dream; a mixture of design and artist collaborations with architecture at its center. He is as comfortable with large projects as he is with small details and treats both with tireless passion. As for his furniture side he describes his designs “as acts of small architectural challenges”. His pieces are studies in architectural ideas and materials, be it a keystone-like joint for two pieces of wood, a cantilevered glass, a skeletal frame or a folded skin. In 2001 he showed six of these designs at New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). The response to these new works was immediate. Within a year leading furniture venues in New York City were vying for his work. In the years that followed he introduced with a tubular light prototype and a fluid sculptural table he calls ‘Ori’ which created such an impact that Metropolis Magazine covered it in their ‘In-Production’, a coveted section in their issue for new and significant work. He is the recipient of many design awards including the IDNF traveling prize to Japan and Interior Design’s Best of Year 2009 Merit Award.

The last decade has seen Douglas continue to create novel designs in architecture, furniture and lighting. Over the years his studio has become distinguished for its minimal modern aesthetic and exceptional craft. Companies as well known as Saks Fifth Avenue, Diesel Jeans, W Hotels, Theory, BpC Worldwide and long list of private clients have all turned to his studio to create their visions. With new and larger projects on the boards, a restaurant on Madison Avenue, a retail concept and the new Wunderbar at the W Montreal, DYAD studio is growing. He is a self-taught welder and his office, situated in a small garage in the industrial neighborhood of Red Hook Brooklyn, houses his architecture studio above and his metal shop below. Entering his office one feels a sense of experiment with heavy steel-shaping machines, raw materials, prototypes in progress and clients’ projects all spread throughout the space. His studio is both a place for inventing and a shop for manufacturing.

What separates DYAD from other offices is Douglas’ experience as an architect and a manufacturer. He is an accomplished designer who imbues his architectural and construction roots into all of the things he creates. The breadth of ideas, materials and techniques shows the extent to which he challenges himself and tests his imagination.

“My last ten years of building this studio has given me a deeper understanding of my ideas that would not have been conceivable without such a journey. Being an architect and having skills in the world of fabrication I feel stronger as a designer and my ideas are much richer. My contacts and peers in local manufacturing and fabrication bring me a personal design experience grown out of craft studios in Brooklyn. As my studio follows its natural path toward larger architectural commissions, I hope to bring all of these experiences and contacts to my clients. I am grateful for numerous patrons along the way, whom without their support, this would not have been possible. I thank all of them. My studio is immensely fulfilling; it has become a place where ideas, design and fabrication are married in the way I dreamed of as a student.”

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